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We are a group of residents from SE25 and very near by who want to see the wonderful Stanley Halls on South Norwood Hill, South Norwood, London running as a place of entertainment, community, arts, enterprise and learning. With a modern twist, but all pretty much the same way as its founder, William Ford Robinson Stanley, intended when he opened the Halls over 100 years ago. We soon realised that the only way we are going to get this was to do it ourselves.

All we need now is the go-ahead from Croydon Council to take on the Halls, and a bit of funding to make it a usable building, but this is (hopefully) all in hand. We hope that by the end of 2013 the community will once more be running these fabulous public halls.

We will post about the project, our ideas and how you can get involved, including how to hire the Halls. If you can’t wait that long take a look at our website or contact us. Tell us if you would like to become a Friend of SPI and be a small or big part of this exciting project, or if you want to discuss the hiring and business opportunities in Stanley Halls.

Can’t quite place Stanley Halls? Click here for details of how to get to the Halls or here for our Historypin channel with photos and a map.

The grand frontage on South Norwood Hill

The grand frontage on South Norwood Hill


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