Bad Manners maketh this man, but he still wants you to join him

Bad Manners, doesn’t normally pay, unless you are local musician Walter Cardew who wants to entice you to join in him in a bit of debauchery…………

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 17.54.25

Walter doing his thang on the drums with The Pasadenas in the mid 1980s.

My name is Walter Cardew and I’ve been involved with music (as a professional and amateur) since a small child, playing all kinds of music. I had a short lived pro career playing drums for groups such as The Pasadenas and Bad Manners but really wasn’t good enough to sustain it and pursued higher musical education to develop my interest in composition. Now I have a part-time job to pay the rent and compose and play music – new classical music, church music, blues, rock ‘n’ roll…all kinds of stuff, mostly on guitar but also on drums. My Very Better Half is a properly trained pianist and piano teacher.

We moved to South Norwood in January 2013 and were amazed to find such a lively musical life here. On my first Friday evening I was drawn into the Victory Club by the sound of someone singing Elvis Presley songs; on entering I was given a warm welcome and found a very good band playing all kinds of music and lots of punters dancing their socks off. When I timidly mentioned I’d heard there might be jamming to be done I was dispatched to fetch my guitar and invited to play a couple of songs with the band. Right next door is St Chads Roman Catholic church that has an active social club which arranges dances in its church hall, and which has three music group/choirs who provide music for masses (featuring – among others – local music teacher and musician extraordinaire Vincent Luu: singer, pianist, guitarist, bassist, saxophonist, clarinetist).

Groovers/Movers/Boppers/Strollers – and a bit of Art Music?

Within two minutes of my new home I’d found lively music-making and enthusiastic dancers and listeners. So, hearing about Stanley Halls made me think there could be opportunities to tap into this wealth of talent and appreciation of music. A neighbour who is sometimes spied shaking a leg for Victory told me he used to go to dances at the Stanley Halls; perhaps locals would do so again provided with a good rockin’ live band and some reasonably priced alcohol?

But maybe there’ll be opportunities to broaden outlooks: why not see if there are local composers writing weird and wonderful new music? Perhaps we can provide the punters with some nutritious vegetables (the virtuous new music) as a starter for their burger and chips (the naughty rock ‘n’ roll)? How about an evening that starts with 20 minutes of new music to sit and listen to with a drink, and then some rock ‘n’ roll for dancing?

Or as above, but with a bluesy/jazzy jamming session to follow instead of the dancing (and devote entire nights to debauched rock ‘n’ rolling?)

Are there any others with a love of performing, composing, jamming, dancing who might have something to contribute?

Please contact me via email: or on 020 8768 5705


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