Get Stanley’s help with your new social enterprise

Stanley Halls is not all about greasepaint and lights; it is a place of enterprise. Could it be the place you site your business?

To kick-start our focus on bringing enterprises into the Halls, Croydon Council will bring it’s Introduction to Social Enterprise course to the Halls on 21st November as part of Croydon Business Month.

An Introduction to Social Enterprise


Croydon Council brings the event ‘An Introduction to Social Enterprise’ to Croydon.

Have you got a business idea that is focussed on supporting your local community? This introduction to social enterprises will outline the fundamental principles behind social enterprises that can bring people and communities together for economic development and social gain.

The workshop will look at social enterprise sectors, potential legal structures and the three common characteristics of being enterprise oriented the social aims and ownership structures of the sector. The workshop will also hear about the new toolkit that is being developed to assist social enterprises in Croydon.

Stanley Halls, 12 South Norwood Hill, Croydon, SE25 6AB


10:00 to 12:00

You need to book a free ticket to take part, available from this site along with details of all the other events in Croydon Business Month.

If this spurs you to consider running your business from the extensive enterprise spaces at Stanley Halls, contact us via


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