Waxing lyrical about the charms of Stanley Halls

Khris Raistrick – South Norwood’s own lyricist? Don’t give up the day job……

They say August is the silly season in the media world but as far as I’m concerned, when it comes to South Norwood – where a certain pub has been advertising Christmas bookings for two weeks – it extends well into September.

You may remember a charming blog from Dave Victor about seeing a Peter Sarstedt concert at Stanley Halls (here’s a reminder). It inspired me to write my own version of his hit song – his only hit song – ‘Where Do You Go To My Lovely?’ as a paen to Stanley Halls.

First, listen to the original – from 1969!

Now, be thankful I have only set this to lyrics and not music…

So you live on South Norwood Hill
Off the Boulevard SoNo High Street
You’ve swallowed some bitter pills
No longer a place where cognoscenti meet
Where do you go to my lovely
When you sombrely sit near the crossroads
The glittering stage has gathered dust
From the lorries with heavy loads
There’s history and whispers within you
Tales to be told, more still to tell
The Council did not know what to do
That you were ageing but still quite well
So where do you go to my lovely
Is it to the arms of the SPI?
We think we know what you’re made of
And that’s why we’re going to try…
[Oh yes we are, etc.]

Told you – the silly season lives on in SoNo! I’ll get my coat…….


Will Khris's song echo through the corridors of Stanley Halls? Hmm....

Will Khris’ song echo through the corridors of Stanley Halls? Hmm….



  1. Roy SHEPARD

    Great Fun! I love the photo of the corridor with its stained glass window and bust of Shakespeare?

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